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Potato Varieties

Adirondack Blue  A dark blue skinned potato with dark blue flesh. Maintains its color after cooking. High yielding variety with medium to online sports betting large tubers. It is susceptible to bruising and soft rot. We have found it to be much more scab resistant than other blue potatoes.
Adirondack Red Adirondak Red A bright red skin and streaked to solid red flesh potato. We are impressed with its aggressive growth habit and yield. This is a full size potato, similar to Carola in yield and size out.
Austrian Crescent A yellow skin, yellow bet sport online flesh fingerling. Potential for high yields. Medium to large tubers for a fingerling.
Carola This is our favorite yellow flesh/yellow skin variety. Produces many medium sized attractive tubers. Great potato for baking or boiling.
Dark Red Norland The organic growers choice for the early red. Excellent flavor. Red skin and white flesh. Produces both boiler and baker size spuds. A very versatile potato which exhibits good resistance to potato viruses. Narrow in-row spacing (4-6 inches) will produce high yields of B size potatoes.
French Fingerling Very attractive pink skin/yellow flesh variety. Extra-high value in the market place. We plant at 12 inch spacing and get high yields of good sized fingerlings, even a few baker sized. Aggressive plant online sports bet growth smothers those late weeds. Very resistant to leafhopper feeding. We like this variety for yield, taste and growth characteristics. Our CSA members rave about its flavor.
German Butterball A light yellow skin/yellow flesh heirloom potato with a slightly russeted skin. Excellent flavor. Similar in size to Carola.
Goldrush Russet A russet with flavor. Uniform size and shape. Attractive appearance with very few defects. Plant these at wider spacing. Very good for baking or frying.
Kennebec A great baker sized potato. White flesh and skin. Capable of high yields and large spuds. Excellent flavor. Hill it well to keep the big spuds from sticking out of the hill. Will "green" easily if exposed to light.

Magic Molly An Alaskan bred variety, with purple skin and purple flesh that retains its color even after boiling, unlike other purple/blue flesh varieties that go grey. It has a blocky fingerling shape. Tubers can be small or large, with some over 6 inches long.
Oneida Gold A new variety from the Wisconsin Spudpro program. It has a bright yellow skin with slight netting and medium yellow flesh. It is similar in size and shape to Yukon Gold. Oneida Gold has superior tolerance to common scab and is not susceptible to hollow heart. It is a full season potato with high yield potential.

Peter Wilcox A newer variety developed by the USDA breeding program. It has a medium purple skin color and a medium to dark yellow flesh. It was bred for nutritional qualities; the carotenoid content is 15% higher than Yukon Gold; and it has a high Vitamin C content. Peter Wilcox is also known as Purple Sun and Blue Gold.
Red Endeavor New variety from the Wisconsin breeding program. Red skin/white flesh potato. Similar in size and shape to Dark Red Norland, but more attractive. Has a long dormancy. Yielded similar to Dark Red Norland.
Red Gold Attractive light red skinned potato, with yellow flesh. It is a very early season variety that is an excellent “new” potato. Plants produce many medium size potatoes with good yield potential. It is moderately resistant to common scab. It does not store well long term.
Superior An early maturing white skin/white flesh potato. We like its flavor, uniform size, and skin color. It is a medium size white potato that stores well, but unlike Kennebec will not easily “green” when exposed to light. We plant this potato for our CSA. This is an older Wisconsin bred variety.
W8405-1R A new variety from the Wisconsin breeding program. Oblong with red skin and white flesh. It has a smooth skin that we have found to be more resistant to skinning than any other red variety we have grown.
Yukon Gold Yellow flesh/yellow skin potato. Stores well. We plant at 6 inches for the highest yields and still get large tubers. A caution with this variety; excessive rapid growth with the Yukon Gold results in hollow heart. If you have had hollow heart problems, increase planting density (4-6 inches), or decrease fertility, and always maintain uniform water levels.